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Why get up early on Saturday morning and wonder if the inflatable company is going to show up. Did they have a blow out? Did they get stuck in traffic? Did they forget our reservation? What if they don’t make it in time? Do you have a backup plan?
With all weekend rentals your party is at your location a day early and ready when you are.

  • No wondering if the inflatable company is going to show up in time
  • No guessing if there is enough electricity or space
  • No need to hang out and wait for someone to show up – seriously, you have to go get cakes, get tables set, and get ready to host a party.
  • What if my party runs over, are they going to take the inflatable before we are done?
  • Why add the stress of same day delivery and pickup to your party?
  • Why not just enjoy the day and know it is already taken care of?

You have your kids party rental from Friday-Monday
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So what kind of Inflatable Games are there and what do they do?
Well, there are Bounce Houses, Bounce Combo Units, Obstacle Courses, Water Slides, Wet/Dry Bounce Combo Units, and Interactive games.
Which kind you want really depends on several factors

  • Age of Kids
  • How many will be attending
  • Time of year
  • Space Available

Bounce House Rental Lubbock

Bounce Houses are known by a lot of different names.
They are called Bouncers, Jumpers, Bouncy Castles, Moonwalks, Inflatable Bouncys and more.
A Bounce House is just that, an inflatable that the kids get into and bounce and play. Some Bounce Houses may have a basketball hoop but otherwise they are “bounce only” inflatables. They do not offer slides or obstacles and bounce houses are dry only. Bounce Houses come in a variety of themes and sizes. Although they are great for all kids, they are better suited for the little ones. Kids 8 or 9 and older typically want more activities to stay entertained. The minimum space required for our smallest bounce house is 14 feet x 14 feet clear of trees, power lines, and all.

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Bounce House Combo Rental Lubbock

Combo Unit or Bounce House Combo – Combo units offer more activities and some can run wet and/or dry. Typically when wet the slide is the only area that offers a continuous flow of water. The whole unit may get wet with the kids playing however the water only sprays on the slide. Combo units can offer pop up obstacles, basketball hoops, full size obstacles, single and double lane slides, and a ton of fun! Bounce Combos are a great option for just about any age group. There are tons of themes from Princess to Jungle, Sports to Crayonland, and many more. Combo units are a bit larger then bounce only units. The minimum space requirements start at 22 feet x 22 feet and can go up to 24 feet x 50 or 60 feet.

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Inflatable Obstacle Course Rental Lubbock TX

Obstacle Courses – Inflatable Obstacle Courses can provide never ending fun! Kids of all ages will be entertained for hours on end with the many obstacle challenges, climbing challenges, and slides. Obstacle courses are great for large groups because the allow for a continuous flow of people. They are also great for more adventurous and older kids alike. Some obstacles, such as the one shown, allow for the players to enter and exit on the same end, other obstacles are 80 or 100 feet long and you start at one end and end up at the other. Kids and adults alike love to race their friends and see who wins! Inflatable Obstacle Courses typically require a substantial amount of clear space. Please look at all the specifications shown on each individual item. Remember, it is a party – Live a little!

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Water Slides – Inflatable Water Slides offer hours upon hours of Summer Fun! The slides offer a variety of heights, sizes, single lane and dual lane. Your guests will enjoy cooling off and having some fun with your backyard water park. Our slides all offer an inflatable splash pool at the end. The water is 5-6 inches deep and is filled by the water flowing down the slide. Why an inflatable pool? Well, they are safer. There are slides with really deep pools however, if the water gets splashed out (which it does) then everyone comes off the slide and lands on the ground. For those “Other Slides” there is no padding and nothing but pain.
We pride ourselves on offering the safest options available on our water slides.

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Interactive Inflatable Game Rentals LubbockInteractive Games – Inflatable Interactive games come in all shapes and sizes. They offer features such as basketball hoop shoot challenges, soccer ball kick, football toss, baseball pitch. Interactive games can also include sports games such as Pedestal Joust, Inflatable Boxing, Bungee Run, and more. Interactive games are a great add-on to your other inflatable games. You can host a “Sports Party” and have a Sports Themed Bouncer or Combo Unit, A Sports 4-n-1 which offers 4 different activities, and Pedestal Joust or an Obstacle Course for those “One on One” Battles.
Interactive games are great for kids of all ages, many are interactive only with no bounce or inflated playground.

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Don’t forget the Tables & Chairs, The Ice Chest Super Cooler, and even a Shade Tent!
Seriously – Where is everyone going to sit?

tables, chairs, and inflatable rentals

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