20×20 High Peak Tents

Product Overview

20×20 High Peak Tents

Our 20 wide tent rentals offer sleek high peak designs providing that extra touch of elegance.
Perfect for wedding tent rentals, company parties, graduation parties, and backyard shade.
These tents can be joined together to make custom lengths and designs. Gutter tracking is installed at the joining point to ensure any moisture or light is blocked and you and your guests stay dry.
As with any of our frame tents there is no pesky center pole in your floor space.

Rental Rates

Size Frame Type Square Feet 1-3 Day Rental Each Additional Day Monthly Rental Round Table Seating Lont table Seating Ceremony / Cocktail Party Seating
20×20 High Peak 400 $349 $45 Not Availabe 32 40 50
20×30 High Peak 600 $469 $65 Not Availabe 48 60 75
20×40 High Peak 800 $579 $90 Not Availabe 64 80 100
20×60 High Peak 1200 $839 $120 Not Availabe 96 120 150
20×80 High Peak 1600 $1229 $150 Not Availabe 128 160 200
20×100 High Peak 2000 $1549 $200 Not Availabe 160 200 250
20×120 High Peak 2400 $1879 $230 Not Availabe 192 240 300

Tents larger than 20×40 will consist of multiple tents set side by side – custom shapes such as T’s. L’s and U’s can also be created with multiple tent configurations
Spoil Me Rotten Party Rentals offers tents of all sizes for events large or small – From Floor to Ceiling – We’ve got you covered!

Item Description & Information
The Cathedral Window design of these sidewalls allows for plenty of outside lighting while adding a touch of elegance to your event.
Window sidewalls rent for $3 per running foot
Blank sidewalls are perfect for hiding that ugly barn or wall or just for blocking light.
Blank sidewalls rent for $2 per running foot
Flooring Grey slip resistent flooring can be installed on just about any surface, keep your guests out of the mud, dirt, or anything else. Put a floor under your tent. Flooring can be rented for 75 cents per square foot
Lighting LED light strands offer plentiful light with little power consumption. Light strands are 50 feet long with a bulb every 18 inches. Light strands rent for $1 per foot, each strand is 50 feet long
Heaters Glass tube propane patio heaters are beautiful for a grand entry or perfect for knocking the chill off the tent interior. Glass tube patio heaters include the first bottle of propane for appproximately 20 hours of heat
Coolers Porta-Coolers are Water based cooling which has been used in Texas for many years. No Mist and No Spray, just nice cool air. Porta-Coolers are used to provide a good drop in temperature and adequate air flow to keep your guest comfortable.
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