Balloon Mayhem Bouquets

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Balloon Mayhem Bouquets


Almost 7 ft Tall- Crazy Balloon curls, Mylar Balloons, Latex Balloons, and MORE! Over 17 Balloons in Total, with all kinds of balloons for that special occasion… Great way to celebrate the day! Want something “SPECIAL”, here it tis!
All of our latex balloons are hi floated to increase the time of flight by 4-7 days. At the base of all our balloon Bouquets we put a little crazy mayhem. (Squiggly Q’s) <
These radiant balloon Bouquets will make a great treat for any birthday or any occasion!

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  • Almost 7′ Tall
  • 17+ Balloons
  • Various Shapes and Sizes of Latex Balloons
  • Hi Float (increases flight time 4-7 days)
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