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We offer only premium fondue chocolates, oh so yummy! We offer Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate. Our Premium Chocolates are Real Chocolates – not the cheap imitations offered elsewhere – you can taste the difference!

If you are using white chocolate, it thickens so you will need to add vegetable oil to the white chocolate.

You ask “How much Chocolate do I need?” Answer: 4lbs = 20-50 guests, 8lbs = 50 – 100 guests, 12lbs = 100 – 150 guests, 16lbs = 150 – 200 guests. This is a rough estimate, our chocolate is soooooooooo great, you might need an extra bag!

Purchase Price

  • Milk Chocolate Available In Stock
  • $16 per 2 pound bag
  • White or Dark Chocolate – Available by Special Order Only
  • $18 per 2 pound bag


  • Chocolate
  • 2 lb bags
  • Milk, Dark or White Chocolate
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