Combo Meltdown and Kapow

Product Overview

Combo Meltdown and Kapow


Get the best of both worlds, Meltdown and Kapow. However, only one arena can be ran at a time.
Meltdown Redneck interactive game comes with a trained operator to work the game for you and your guests. Try and stay on your pedestal while you duck for cover or jump over the poles. Be careful it’s an addictive challenge for all!
Two on at a time to take the challenge… 30×30 inflatable maze with 2 padded poles spinning your direction, duck before it gets you!!!! Comes with a trained operator to work the Kapow for you and your guests.

Rental Rate

  • 4 Hour Rental $999
  • Additional Time
  • $75 Per Hour


  • Meltdown
    2 Standard Electrical Outlets
  • Kapow
    30′ W x 30′ L
    Standard Electrical Outlet Required

Rental Includes:

  • 1 Trained Operator
  • 1 Control Pad
  • Meltdown
    Inflatable Meltdown
    Spinning Bar
  • Kapow
    Inflatable Kapow Maze
    2 Padded Spinning Poles
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