Gold Bling Centerpiece Cylinder

Product Overview

Gold Bling Centerpiece Cylinder


These beautiful centerpieces stand 8 inches tall and are perfect for a small floral arrangement or an LED candle. The “Bling” attracts and reflects light and just gives a beautiful glow throughout the night. This is a great rental item for weddings and special events. Add some elegance to your next event by renting some of these beautiful centerpieces. Real candles are not allowed. We offer some amazing battery powered candles that will last up to 16 hours. Some even have remote controls to easily turn the whole room of candles on and off. Please check out the candles we rent by following this link

Rental Prices

  • 1-3 Day Rental – $7.50
  • Weekly Rental – $11.25


8 inches tall
5 inch diameter
Electronic candles only

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