Helium Tank Rental

Product Overview

Helium Tank Rental

Balloons filled with lighter-than-air helium stay afloat, never failing to mesmerize onlookers. Renting a helium tank provides an economical way for you to bring the joy of helium balloons to your next event. No matter what occasion you celebrate, helium-filled balloons can add a special element to it. Rent our Helium Tank to fill your balloons for any occasion like birthday parties, graduation celebrations, wedding or anniversary receptions, baby showers, school dances, church gatherings, corporate events including grand openings and other occasions. Our tanks should fill 300-400 11″ balloons. Perfect way to get your balloons filled and going for your special event today!

Rental Rate

  • 1-3 Day Rental $475 (Price is subject to change)


  • 242 Cubic Foot
  • Fills Approximately 300-400 11″ Balloons
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