Large Chocolate Fountain 27 inch

Product Overview

Large Chocolate Fountain 27 inch


Our 27 inch tall fountain can run on as little as 10 lbs. of chocolate and can hold up to 12 lbs once running. Perfect for groups up to 250 guests – Larger groups are possible with more chocolate added throughout the event.

If you are using white chocolate, it thickens so you will need to add vegetable oil to the white chocolate.

You ask “How much Chocolate do I need?”

Answer: 4lbs = 20-50 guests, 8lbs = 50 – 100 guests, 12lbs = 100 – 150 guests, 16lbs=150-200 guests This is a rough estimate, our chocolate is soooooooooo great, you might need and extra bag!

Rental Rates

Chocolate not Included

  • 1 – 3 Day Rental $50
  • Weekly Rental $75

Real Milk Chocolate Purchase Price

  • 2lb bag
    $16 per bag


    • Fountain
    • 15″ W x 26 1/2″ T



  • Milk, Dark or White Chocolate
  • 2Ib Bags (5 bags min. for this fountain)
  • White chocolate can be colored- $6 per bottle of color
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