Large Porta Cooler Air Conditioner

Product Overview

Large Porta Cooler Air Conditioner


These water cooled fans provide a good breeze to help keep your guests cool and comfortable. Large units are capable of cooling for 2500 – 3000 square feet.
Smaller units are capable of cooling 800-1000 square feet.
Both units are capable of dropping the incoming air temperature 18-25 degrees.
Each unit offers a 3 speed fan switch for adjustable air flow.

Rental Rates

Large – 3000 Square Foot Cooler

  • 1-3 Day Rental $225
  • Weekly Rental $337.50


  • Evaporator Cooling Solution
  • Works best when relative humidity is below 75%
  • The lower the humidity the better the cooling results

Large Cooler Specifications:

  • Constant water supply required (100 foot hose included)
  • Air Delivery – up to 9600 CFM
  • 67 inches tall x 62 inches wide x 32 inches deep
  • Weight approximately 200lbs
  • Reservoir Capacity 32 gallons
  • 110V outlet required
  • 11 AMP current draw
Order quantity: