LOVE LED Lighted Letters

Product Overview

LOVE LED Lighted Letters


According to the Beatles “You can’t buy me love” but at Spoil Me Rotten you can certainly rent it!

Checkout these beautiful molded plastic letters. Each letter stands 47 inches tall and as shown the LOVE scene is almost 9 feet wide.

Love is a great thing but we think our LOVE is even better!

These letters are the perfect rental for weddings and special events. They can be used as a backdrop, an entry way, one side of the dance floor, or even to just highlight a certain part of the room. Letters are light weight, rechargeable cordless, and remote controled. It just doesn’t get much better than this….can you feel the LOVE? Are you LOVE’n it? Don’t you just LOVE the idea….ok, you get the point….

Rental Rates

  • 1-3 Day Rental $195
  • Weekly Rental $292.50


Each letter stands 47 inches tall
Battery life is approximately 8 hours (depending on color)
Overall width is 9-10 feet

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